Introduction to Quantum Optics

What you will learn

  • Quantum theory of lights and light-matter interaction
  • Mathematical techniques and physical pictures to understand current research papers
  • Latest developments in research and technology

Lecture Notes in 2023

Topics 2023 Latest update date
review of quantum mechanics QO_note_1 March 28, 2023
quantization of field QO_note_2 April 12, 2023
coherent state and phase space QO_note_3 March 28, 2023
light-matter interaction QO_note_4 April 19, 2023
non-classical light QO_note_5
May 23, 2023
optical components QO_note_6 May 23, 2023

Lecture Notes in 2022

Topics 2022 Latest update date
review of quantum mechanics QO_note_1.pdf
May 30, 2022
quantization of field QO_note_3.pdf March 23, 2022
coherent states QO_note_4.pdf March 29, 2022
phase space picture QO_note_5.pdf April 12, 2022
light-matter interaction QO_note_6.pdf
May 17, 2022
photon counting statistics QO_photon_stat.pdf April 27, 2022
correlation and coherence functions QO_note_8.pdf May 24, 2022
non-classical lights Non-Classical_Lights.pdf May 24, 2022
beam splitters and squeezing QO_note_9.pdf May 31, 2022

Book with all the notes: QO_book.pdf (March 15, 2022)

Lecture Notes in 2021

Below are the lecture notes of 2021.

Topics 2021
review of quantum mechanics QO_note_1.pdf
field quantization QO_note_3.pdf
coherent states QO_note_4.pdf
phase space of photon states QO_note_5.pdf
quantum light-Matter interactions QO_note_6.pdf
photon counting statistics QO_photon_stat.pdf
Correlation and Coherence Functions QO_note_8.pdf
Beam Splitter and Nonclassical Light QO_note_9.pdf
Qauntum Information QO_Quantum_Information.pdf

Topics in this Course

  • Field Quantization

    Using the concepts of harmonic oscillators to quantize fields

  • Light-Matter Interactions

    Theories of light-matter interactions where light is treated both classically and quantumly.

  • References

    Course materials on the web: Cousre by Gary Steele, which contain python demo with jupyter notebook Quantum Electronics by Oskar Painter More about light-matter interaction Course by Poul Jessen https://wp.


Are there prerequisites?

Linear algebra, quantum physics or modern physics.