Introduction to Quantum Optics

What you will learn

  • Quantum theory of lights and light-matter interaction
  • Mathematical techniques and physical pictures to understand current research papers
  • Latest developments in research and technology

Lecture Notes in 2024

Topics 2024 Latest update date
review of quantum mechanics QO_note_1 Apr 2, 2024
field quantization QO_note_2 Apr 2, 2024
coherent state and phase space descriptions QO_note_3 Apr 16, 2024
light matter interaction QO_note_4 Apr 16, 2024
correlation Functions and nonclassical light QO_note_5 May 1, 2024
optical components and measurements QO_note_6 May 29, 2024

Topics in this Course


Are there prerequisites?

Linear algebra, quantum physics or modern physics.